Replace Chaos with Calm Incident Response

Training Course

Incident response training is a 45 minute video training course that gives on-calls everything they need to be successful at driving incidents to resolution.

Team Based Training

Incident response is a team sport. This training event is an on-demand group based virtual class, but it includes hands on activities with incident response, so the team can practice in a realistic scenario.

Org Wide Resources

Your company needs to adopt a framework for managing incidents.

OpsDrill is here to help you transform your team, your org, and eventually your company. Use these resources to get everyone on the same page.

How Fatima Tamed The Chaos

Fatima's engineering team was always scrambling during service outages. Her on-calls dreaded getting paged… because chaos would ensue. The same hero, Parker a senior engineer, would always end up joining the call and saving the day.

Fatima prayed that Parker wouldn’t quit, because they would be totally screwed. Fatima heard about OpsDrill and saw a path to improvement.

The team got incident management training and hands on practice.

Now most of her engineers can step up and drive an outage to resolution. No more heroes… now anyone can lead!  There are more pieces of the DevOps puzzle that Fatima wants to unlock, but solving this has been a weight off of her shoulders.

Thanks to Fatima's deployment of the training program, Parker was even able to take a vacation recently… leaving their laptop at home.

"The training felt very personal. I previously felt anxious during my on-calls, and I froze a lot during high severity situations. Austin's real life examples and advice helped me feel less stressed and more confident in my abilities."

— Dima Mukhin, Software Engineer

Incident Response Insights

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