Helping Teams be Incident Response Superheros

Do you want to help your teams be more effective at incident management?  Practice incident response skills in a web-based service outage simulator.

Incident Themed Escape Room

On-call shifts can be terrifying

  • Are you preparing your developers?
  • Is training part of your employee onboarding?
  • We help developers be calm, cool, and collected

Deliberate Practice

  • Traditional training talks at you
  • Our simulator gives you practice
  • In a team building setting

Slow Recovery from Outages?

  • We teach practices that can reduce several hours to 30 minutes from an outage
  • Help your team develop a sense of urgency
  • Create a culture of call leaders
"The training felt very personal. I previously felt anxious during my on-calls, and I froze a lot during high severity situations. Austin's real life examples and advice helped me feel less stressed and more confident in my abilities."

— Dima Mukhin, Software Engineer

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