Incident Response Training

This 45 minute course covers everything you need to know about resolving high severity incidents during your on-call shift. Although outages are never any easy situation, this course includes tips and tricks to put you at ease, be more prepared, and calmly drive outages to resolution.

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Incident Management Training

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Course Contents

  • Evaluating Severity of an Incident
  • Declaring an Incident
  • Staying Calm
  • Incident Commander Role
  • Psychological Safety
  • Deployment Rollback
  • Communication
  • Delegation
  • Coordination
  • Resolution
  • Blameless Postmortums

Course Benefits

Adopting an Incident Management Framework

Without a plan, chaos is the default. A common anti-pattern is that a single heroic individual is always saving the day. But that isn't fair. There is a better way. This course is a useful tool in transforming your team, org, and company to adopting a standardize incident management process.

New Employee Onboarding

When new employees are ready to join the on-call rotation, you can assign them this video. It will help prepare them for their first on-call shift, in addition to shadowing on-calls prior to their first shift.

Annual Training Refresher

This course is designed to be 45 minutes, so that it is a good use of time. We all get rusty now and then, so re-assigning this training on an annual basis can really help. Purchasing a seat for an individual gives them access forever, including future updates to the content.

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