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Get Better at Incident Response

Practice incident management skills in a web-based service outage simulator.

Going on-call for the first time can be scary. Most teams do not communicate as well as they think they do.
Help prepare your team by putting them through a simulated outage.
  • You've got the Google SRE book on your shelf...
  • You've reviewed the Atlassian Runbook guide...
  • But how do you grow team cohesion?
  • When major incidents occur, every minute counts
  • Incident responders frequently freeze up
  • Inefficiency burns cash and destroys customer trust

Introducing the Incident Response Escape Room

Practice handling incidents,
before your next major outage

Intentional practice for incident response teams

We have create a purpose built escape room that simulates live site outages. SRE, DevOps, and front-line development teams have found it to be a good balance between being a stressful incident and a fun team building event.

We simulate a software environment that is having an outage. Your team needs to mitigate using

  • Graphs
  • CI/CD Deployments
  • Runbooks
  • Logs
  • Code
  • Fantasy retro computing

Recent Customers

Customer Feedback

"It was a lot closer to a real actual incident than Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. We have played [Keep Talking] as well... we have done it in Ops in years past and this was just much more realistic."

John Dowdle
Engineering Manager

Show me how OpsDrill can help improve my team


The event is a flat fee of $199 per team.

Benefits of running an OpsDrill

Get better at handling outages, before your next major incident.
  • Call leaders can practice delegation and coordination
  • Call leaders can practice stakeholder communication
  • SMEs practice troubleshooting, using Runbooks, and solving fun puzzles
  • Everyone can practice clear communication

Use Cases

Some surprisingly useful ways to use OpsDrill

  • Schedule drills with people from across different functional teams
  • Add an OpsDrill to new employee onboarding plan
  • Schedule monthly drills and rotate the call leader