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Practice handling incidents before your next major outage

Going on-call for the first time can be scary. Most teams do not communicate as well as they think they do.
Help prepare your team, and improve team cohesion, by putting them through a simulated outage.

A core team has gone missing

Everything is down

Your team needs to restore service

Can your team beat this escape room in under 30 minutes?

"This is really fun. I enjoyed this type of exercise. You don't really get to practice this type of thing unless you are really in an actual incident"
— Sahal Ansari, Sr Operations Engineer

"It was a lot closer to a real actual incident than Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. We have played [Keep Talking] as well... we have done it in Ops in years past and this was just much more realistic."

John Dowdle
Engineering Manager

OpsDrill simulates software outages in a stressful and realistic scenario.

Train New Hires

  • On-call rotation can be infrequent
  • People get rusty and forget how to do a lot of incident response steps
  • High severity incidents don't happen very often
  • Everyone over-estimates how clearly they communicate

Team Building with a Purpose

  • Innovative game simulates outages in a realistic, but entertaining environment
  • Incident responders can practice leading
  • Everyone can practice troubleshooting, communication clearly, and staying calm

"I would love to play it again, right now, and just have other people take a turn being incident manager. You are managing the process by which we are coming to a solution, rather than actually finding the solution yourself and delegation is the key there."
— Jason Zinschlag, engineering manager of feature team at a large travel company

A Virtual Escape Room where "Everything is down!"

  • Choose someone to lead
  • Practice clear, calm communication
  • Search Runbooks, Graphs, and Logs
  • Spiced up with fantasy puzzles
  • Fun team building event
  • Best played with 3 or more

How to use OpsDrill

  1. Create an Escape Room, which will give you a Room Invite Link
  2. Schedule a 1 hour meeting and put the Room Invite Link into your meeting details
  3. ($179 value, currently free)


  • The Escape Room is ideal with 3 or more players
  • Scenario will last for 30 - 45 minutes
  • Encourage the team to use your normal incident management process and tools
  • Have fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to "schedule a room"?

No, you do not need to book a room at a specific time. This is virtual. Use it anytime at your own pace. You do need to create the room and share the room invite link.

What is the ideal size of a party for this experience?

Three or more players. Three to five is ideal.

Do I need to prepare a scenario?

No, the incident response escape room contains everything you need. All you need to do is use your normal calendar software and setup a meeting.

I'm not technical, can I join the escape room?

Absolutely. You can join the Zoom, Meet, or whatever virtual meeting your team has setup. We've found that having leadership join to observe can be really useful during these sessions. It helps them understand what engineers are actually doing during an incident in a non-threatening environment.

Can I customize this to my companies needs?

Eventually, yes. Currently, no. What customizations do you expect?

Please and let's discuss.

That was awesome, why is this free?

We want to build the best online practice simulator for incidents and outages. We're making the first scenario free to get feedback from you and the rest of the community.

How much will you charge in the future?

Good question. We would love your input. Please and give us feedback on how you would like pricing to work. We're still figuring this out 😅