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DevopsDays Seattle 2021 is virtual and free!

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OpsDrill is super excited to be a sponsor of DevOpsDays Seattle 2021. This year the conference is free and virtual.Register Now.

This one day conference on May 4th is packed full of interesting content.

Also not to be missed is the Ignite talks. There is a bunch in the morning and then a bunch in the afternoon session.

Morning Ignites

  • Najeeb Khan— Creating Belonging in Remote Teams
  • Derek Ashmore— Steel copy of a wooden bridge
  • Alan Koch— AIOps: Observability + Machine Learning + Automate Everything You Can

Afternoon Ignites

  • Richard Whitehead— The Role of Context in Observability
  • Laura Santamaria— Logging is a Team Sport: How to Work within Your Org to Log Well
  • Sam King— Engineering Without Dogma: When to Ignore the Best Practices
  • Jason Yee— SLOs: You’re missing the point!

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